Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Divine Inspiration: Flights of Fancy

Even when traveling across the globe, moments present themselves when you’re reminded of home, especially when you are offered a gift tailored to your favorite memories.

That’s what happened a week or so ago during a two-week vacation in Croatia. The highpoint of this visit took place on the Northern Croatian coast where we made our base in Rijeka at the home of my design/art student friend, Marino Krstacic-Furic. (Sorry Croatian readers…can’t seem to get those accents to come out on my tired old computer!)

Marino’s bright and airy apartment is so full with heart-felt décor that I’ll be sharing it with you in future entries of The Object of My Desire. His knack for color and his original eye for quirky design solutions makes for an inviting space that’s definitely difficult to leave.

So having read one of my past blog entries about the Dolly-Rama party I threw back in March to celebrate the launch of Dolly Parton’s Backwoods Barbie CD, Marino noticed that I tapped into a butterfly theme to anchor the evening and decided to make me a framed piece based on one of my favorite motifs. (Now Marino must like butterflies, too, because I spotted some hovering around a light switch in his office area.)

The design he created was drawn on the unprinted side of a box of chocolates, which seemed absolutely appropriate knowing Marino’s impressive sweet tooth. He then manipulated the image on his computer to create a flurry of activity in black and white, and finally printed the design out on the back of another candy box.

Butterflies flit around, going about their business without bothering anyone. While you’d definitely swat at a nagging mosquito, you’d never shoo off a butterfly. They are tempting and seductive, and prompt possession. But if you grab at their delicate wings, you only inflict irreparable damage. My visit to Rijeka, like those last few fluttering creatures spotted on a late summer day, soon flew off into the past. But I’ll remember my stay in Marino’s home every time I gaze upon these alluring beauties preserved forever in black and white.

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