Friday, September 5, 2008

Reuse and Repurpose: The Plastic Princess

Memories linger in so many of the collected items we’ve amassed over the years on Fire Island aboard "The Luxor," a 1966 wooden Chris Craft Sea Skiff where we spend our summer and early-fall weekends.

I thought about these plastic drinking glasses today, since an impending storm has dashed our plans to head out to the island this weekend. While aboard "The Luxor," we don’t cause too much of a fuss with dishes. Sometimes things break, or other times they walk off with a passing guest, hence the mix-and-match nature of our tabletop selections.

Even though they’re just plastic vessels, these glasses always remind me of the special times they’ve celebrated. A weekend guest offered a set of colorful goblets a few years ago, but only three of the four still exist. As I recall, the missing one went overboard during a late-night cocktail gathering. The solid blue, every-day glasses were a gift to our captain, Robert, from one of his sisters. And while they are just plastic, we still have to be aware that when we mix cold ice with a room temperature drink in them, they have a tendency to crack! And then there’s the Ariel princess mug that arrived a few years back in a pair when my boat mate, Veli, celebrated a double birthday with our pal Eleanor. Last year, the base snapped off one, leaving its partner to reign as the preferred drinking glass for whomever might seem deserving of a royal moment.

These glasses have seen better days, but I'm drawn to their casual character as they seem to happily coordinate without even trying So every time we reach to them to raise a toast, whether it’s with fine French champagne or Diet Pepsi from a can, it’s with the love of knowing we’re surrounded by family and friends....and a princess of course!

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